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 June 24, 2014 - Making the Most of Medicare
     First Westroads Investment Centre partnered with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska to help
     explain the basics and better inform you to make decisions regarding Medicare coverage.
     Please click below to access the presentation from this seminar.

Making the Most of Medicare Presentation

Long-Term Care Protection - Leverage Your Assets
October 21, 2014
You’ve worked hard to build your retirement assets. You and your family enjoy a special quality of life because you’ve wisely nurtured your financial well-being. Yet what would happen to your financial security if you were to suddenly fall ill and require long-term care?

Let’s look at a hybrid solution:
   1 premium, 3 potential uses:

  1. If you need long term care, policy reimburses monthly for cost of care received
  2. If you pass away, income tax free death benefit is paid to your beneficiaries
  3. If you decide you don’t want the coverage, get your money back

More details soon!